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March 23 2017


Obsession - Are you currently Driving Yourself and Your Friends Crazy?

James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession Revealed In This Review
Individuals have addictions which seem incomprehensible to individuals that do not
have those addictions. Take gambling for example; non gamblers just don'
t understand how or why someone would spend every available opportunity
to sit inside a casino and willingly dispose of all of their money. From an outside
view it appears like unbelievable stupidity. It appears to be a boring, repetitious
and frustrating hobby at best. On the logical level we wonder why those
people haven't worked out that 'the house always wins'. The gambler loves
to bop around and brag concerning the times he did win despite the fact that all of us see
the final result's he doesn't have home, no money in the bank and a
huge unsecured debt. Yet, on the small winning streak he is able to be completely
oblivious for this fact. Without analyzing all of the complexities of a gambling
addiction, we can summarize it as being this: The gamblers belief in winning the big
one is greater than his belief in the reality of the items has happened, what is
happening and what will predictably happen. In a nutshell, the dream is much more
real compared to reality.

What is His Secret Obsession All About

The same can probably be said for drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes, sex and all
addictions. A realistic look at an addicts life may be sheer devastation and yet
the fact that one more of whatever will be exactly what the dream expects itself to

It seems to me that the dream can hook into a compartment inside the mind
and be completely embedded. It is like a sacred place and it contains
all we want. It could be wealth, happiness, love, security or whatever. We
have the ability to desires so we have the ability to dreams so we have the ability to a location in out minds
by which we live out those possibilities. The gambler may have originally
were built with a imagine a big win. He probably were built with a couple of good wins initially
and that reinforced the dream. Somehow though, the gambler became
hooked on the dream. The large win turns into a primary point of reference
and in time all experiences loop back to that time of reference. That is, all
information and each experience gets filtered with the point of reference.
Some label this classic denial. I call it 'The happy place'.

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